Budgeting Resources

The first thing on your to do list after saying ‘yes’ is book your wedding date and set your wedding budget. Decide how much you want to spend and on what so you have some guidelines. Here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

Be Realistic
Decide early how much your willing to spend and who is paying for what.

Shop around
Look around and narrow down your options to the top two or three. Make your final decision based on the quality of the product, the cost and the service.

Some things are going to be more important to you than others. You can decide to splurge on those items but be prepared to cut back on other items to keep you within budget.

The Extras
Put aside some funds to cover things like tipping and overtime for waitstaff, photographer, etc. Also include the cost of posting invitations and 'thank you' cards.

Stick To It
Stick to your budget and assign someone close to you to keep you in check.

The Guest List
Always remember that your cost is controlled by your guest list. You’ll cut cost on everything from invitations to centerpieces to food and beverage if your numbers are low.

The General Guideline
Fifty percent (50%) of your budget should go to the reception (location, food, and beverages), Ten percent (10%) generally goes to each flowers, photography, attire, and music and the rest goes to stationary, favors, gifts, and any other details.